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The right fence can enhance the beauty and value of your propert . Classic ornamental fences can make your property stand out from the rest and provide you with the security you need for your home.


Typical Acreage Fencing Applications:


        • At your request, we will pick up all materials and deliver to the site


        • We offer complimentary Ground Disturbance Permits for any installation


        • Any type of wire and wood posts


        • Wood posts and wood rails


        • Steel posts and steel rails


        • Metal gate installation (all sizes)


        • Wire gate installation (any size) using any type of wire
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NEWCAN Construction LTD. uses professional, seasoned installers who are respectful of your property as well as your privacy. Since we would be working around your greatest, most cherished asset, we insist that our quotation and pre-job meeting specify exactly where, when, and how long our equipment and installers would be working. Letters of reference are available as requested for any type of application shown above.