• NEWCAN Construction has INTEGRITY!
  • NEWCAN Construction is ACCOUNTABLE!
  • NEWCAN Construction is RELIABLE!
  • NEWCAN Construction is INSURED!
  • NEWCAN Construction is in good standing with the WCB!
  • NEWCAN Construction is SECOR Certified for the Oil & Gas Industry!







Diligent Safety Program
compliance by all staff, including:

      • Appropriate PPE for all staff at all times
      • Hazard Assessment
      • Risk Controls
      • Contact Notification Plans
      • Emergency Response Plans
      • Daily Tailgate Meetings
      • Safe Work Permits which include Ground Disturbance Permit requirements
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  • Typical Oil & Gas Fencing Applications:
      • Fence removal of any kind or distance


      • Material pick up and delivery to the job site


      • Access fences including double bracing at each end; cutting and removing existing fence in the middle


      • Hand gate installation; including double brace at each end if required and a hand gate of any length


      • Lease fencing for H2S (sour) or shallow wells (sweet); including gas monitors and wind sock as part of additional Safety Program requirements for all H2S sites


      • Custom metal swing gate installation including full braces on each side and having entire gate set recessed from approach/road allowance and tied in


      • Any type of wire and wood post fencing; including any length or shape required


      • Any type of steel post and rail fencing required; including all safety program components for welding


    • NEWCAN Construction LTD. uses the latest in post-pounding technology which pulled by a late model FWA tractor that is very

    nimble; leaving a minimal impact on the land.


    • NEWCAN Construction LTD. is very efficient; being able to install up to one-half mile of four-stand barbed wire fence a day!


    • NEWCAN Construction LTD. offers flexible billing which is based on distance, hourly or by the job depending on which is more cost



    • NEWCAN Construction LTD. will provide a detailed, written estimate for the materials as well as the labour and we will tell you exactly

    when we will start and when we will be completed.


    • Letters of reference are available as requested for any type of application shown above

Guiding Principles

We, the Directors of NEWCAN Construction have a responsibility to protect all workers engaged in our activities from personal injury, damage to the environment and health hazards. To meet our responsibility we shall operate under the following guiding principles:



At NEWCAN Construction, safety and the welfare of our Employees, Contractors, Sub Contractors, Clients, Visitors and the Environment are the number one priority… no exceptions!



When NEWCAN Construction is acting as the Prime Contractor, we shall be the leaders in ensuring a safe work environment for our Employees, Contractors, Sub Contractors and Visitors. While we understand that all parties play an equal role in ensuring a safe work environment, NEWCAN Construction shall assume the leadership role to ensure that all aspects of our Safety Program are coordinated, communicated and executed by all parties. Remember, it is everyone’s right to refuse to perform unsafe work practices.



Rewards for complying with the Safety Program at NEWCAN Construction do not exist. Rewards for improving work permits, hazard identification or other aspects of the Safety Program do exist and depend on the nature of the improvement and the impact of the new process. All contractors and Sub Contractors shall be evaluated based on their ability to operate within the NEWCAN Construction Safety Program or on their previous merit to that end. NEWCAN Construction shall be rewarded from the results of all employees and contractors adhering to the Safety Program and working within it.



NEWCAN Construction will always be looking for ways to improve the safety within our organization. From examining work permits, to hazard identification, contractor selection and even client selection… no aspect of our operation shall be exempt from review on a regular basis meaning at least one time per year. If improvements are made, NEWCAN Construction shall ensure that they are communicated to all staff and contractors in a timely and effective manner. Following communication, NEWCAN Construction will ensure that they are understood and tested prior to being implemented.


With a dedicated, empowering and evolving safety program, NEWCAN Construction LTD. Is available for any type of fence application that you are looking for. We are proud of our ZERO INCIDENTS to date and the fact that all of our employees are professional in every detail.


NEWCAN Construction LTD. Has worked for major producers such as: Quicksilver Resources, Prime West Energy (TAQA NORTH) and EnCana. We are also proud to have worked with several smaller oil & gas organizations; all within our first year of operation!