• NEWCAN Construction has INTEGRITY!
  • NEWCAN Construction is ACCOUNTABLE!
  • NEWCAN Construction is RELIABLE!
  • NEWCAN Construction is INSURED!
  • NEWCAN Construction is in good standing with the WCB!
  • NEWCAN Construction is SECOR Certified for the Oil & Gas Industry!






NEWCAN Construction LTD. is pleased to offer any type of fence installation for your farming or ranching needs. NEWCAN Construction LTD. started by serving ranchers and farmers and we have installers who can offer value by quoting cost saving ideas and options for all of your fencing needs.


Typical Farmer/Rancher Fencing Applications:


        • Fence removal of any kind or distance


        • At your request, we will pick up all materials and deliver to the site


        • We offer complimentary Ground Disturbance Permits for any installation


        • Barbed wire with wood posts


        • High tensile wire with wood posts


        • Combination of barbed wire and high tensile wire with wood posts


        • Page wire with wood posts


        • Combination of page wire, barbed wire or high tensile wire with wood posts


        • Wood posts and wood rails


        • Wood posts with wood planks (rough cut or smooth)


        • Steel posts with steel, wire or cable


        • Complete corral design and installation of any kind


        • Environmental Farm Plan fencing requirements of any kind!
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NEWCAN Construction LTD. uses the latest in post-pounding technology which pulled by a late model FWA tractor that

is very nimble; leaving a minimal impact on your land.


NEWCAN Construction LTD. is able to fence through shallow sloughs, along creek banks and through varied terrain of

any kind.


NEWCAN Construction LTD. offers flexible billing which is based on a distance, hourly or flat rate depending on your job. If it is a

distance rate, we will not round up but bill to the foot.


NEWCAN Construction LTD. will provide a detailed, written estimate for the materials as well as the labour and we will tell you exactly when we will start and when we will be completed.


Letters of reference are available as requested for any type of application shown above.